Helping African Content creators Increase Engagement, Loyalty & Skyrocket Your Revenue

We empower businesses and content creators in Africa to monetize their content and increase their revenue by providing a platform to reward their top fans with exclusive content, engaging experiences, and community forums.

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Solutions for thriving brands & communities

Engage better

Your community is your lifeblood. Engage and nurture lasting relationships with them on your terms, away from the busyness of this digital world

Brand better

Release an app that extends your brand's reach, continuously engaging with your customers to increase loyalty, trust, and brand affiliation.

Deliver better

Develop your app on top of solid community-focused digital architecture specifically designed to deliver highly engaging experiences for your community

Social community platform

Create an online community to spark connections and engage audiences under your brand.

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All the features built in

Your own custom branded apps



Help them to engage with you and others to create accountability to grow together

Drip Content

Unlock content on your terms to keep them engaged, focused and aligned


Quizzes, worksheets

Identify customer segments to deliver exactly what they want next

Interactive exercises

Bring them along for maximum impact with step-by-step actions


Push Notifications

Nudge your customers to stay motivated and sign up for more

A new era for selling content.
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