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Why We Created Zimbile Website Builder For Mobile Phones

Zimbile is brought to you by a team of designers and developers who share a love for designing & coding as well as the birth continent of Africa. Having worked in the internet industry for over 10 years, we have been looking for a meaningful way to get get involved and contribution to the mobile internet boom taking place across the motherland Africa.

We have finally found a way to get involved in the form of Zimbile is 'A free website building platform primarily developed to churn out simple, fast loading mobile compatible websites in minutes'. We hope you enjoy using it!

Why Focus On Mobile?

The number of people online in Africa has ballooned in the last 24 months and the bulk of these are accessing the internet via their mobile phone browsers. This makes it crucial for anyone operating a business within the African continent to have an online presence. Zimbile was not only created for small businesses, but  also for any individuals who have local content to  share with the world.

Zimbile offers a professional, fast loading text based mobile website that can be built with no technical skills what so ever, one simply fills in the boxes to produce an optimised mobile website. In just a few minutes  a mobile website and a free sub domain name such as created.

Marketing Your Mobile Website

The newly built website can be publicised through social network sites such as facebook, google+ and twitter. Once your website is created, you can expect to start receiving enquiries as customers fill in a basic enquiry form that will come to your email or mobile phone via SMS. Allowing you to stay on top of your business enquiries even if you are not online.

About Zimbile

  • Zimbile is a project helping businesses & individuals across Africa build fast loading, optimised mobile websites. With Zimbile anyone can create,publish and share a fast loading, optimised mobile websites in minutes with no technical knowledge.
  • Create Your Very Own Website Free!

    Create it in less than 5 minutes
    You do not need any technical skills
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