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Introducing the all new improved Zimbile Mobile Website App Builder Platform v2.0

I am super excited today to introduce you to the new improved version of Zimbile, the team has been working hard to get these updates live and they are finally out. Alongside the overhaul from our first version, I am most excited about the new features we have developed for you the budding entrepreneurs/developers who have been stretching Zimbile to the limit and demanding more features. We have been talking about version 2 for a while and it's finally here. I suggest you login and take a look for yourselves; however I will take a few moments to highlight some of the top improvements we have made in this version.

Feature list includes...

Developers Account

Due to popular demand and to open up an exciting new opportunity which we will introduce shortly, we have created a developer account which allows you to create multiple websites under one account. This I believe is the single biggest leap we have taken in version 2. If you are a developer or have been able to build yourself a Zimbile mobile website with text and images. You should consider signing up to this account. Signup is free and easy. To signup simply login to your Zimbile account and select the developers account option on the right hand sidebar. Once fully signed up you can start creating multiple mobile websites in your single Zimbile account. 

New developer account


Manage multiple websites


Visitor Statistics

Some Zimbile sites are receiving hundreds of visitors a day and prior to this, there was no way a site owner would know how many views/visitors they were attracting per day. I am excited to have this feature in version 2, as it will help you see which of your sites is doing well and getting the most visits.

Visitor Statistics


Onboard Enquiry Manager

For those of you selling a service or a product the online forms have been good to you (I would like to believe), as it meant you could receive enquiries to your inbox from visitors to your mobile website. We have taken things a step further and created an inbox where all the enquiries you receive via you mobile website will be saved before being emailed to you (just in case some emails don't get to you, we don't want you to miss an enquiry now do we?)


enquiries inbox


Advertising Portal

The final exciting feature is the new advertising feature (Only available to developer & advanced account holders); this feature will enable you to start making money online by publishing mobile adverts onto any websites you build. With over 4.2 billion impressions displayed across the African Continent every month, this is a great opportunity to make some money from online advertising as mobile advertising budgets increase year on year.

Mobile adverts advertising

Other new features around the corner are..

If there are any other features you are yearning for, drop us a note and let us know.

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